On-site Health Assessments

To help you make behavioural changes and improve your general wellbeing we’ve launched a range of extra assessments.

In your triage health check we’ll complete a health risk questionnaire to identify any high risk areas that need to be addressed first, and use this information to decide which assessment best meets your needs. We’ll then compare the results of your initial test with a follow-up three months later to see how your lifestyle changes have improved your health.

Our new range of assessments includes:

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Vodafone Employee Feedback

‘I am very grateful to Vodafone and Nuffield Health for offering me this service as without it I am positive I would not have lost weight. After having an accident in February and damaging ligaments in my foot I put on weight and felt very deflated but took the opportunity to see what I could do about it with a health assessment. In the meeting I found that my cholesterol was high and I had put on a stone in weight, the Physiologist then gave me guidelines as to how I could resolve this and we set clear but reachable targets which I am glad to say I have met. The Physiologist is fantastic, he doesn’t judge and really encouraged me to do everything I had planned.  A wonderful experience’