Doctor (GP) and Clinic


Our GP and Clinic service at Newbury HQ makes it simpler to get medical attention at a time that suits you. Appointments are available at a variety of times and days across the week, and are open to all employees just call 0300 123 0823 for an appointment.


The GP Service includes:

  • Free initial 15 minute consultation
  • A private prescription service *
  • Minor wounds, dressings and skin conditions
  • Ear syringing and ear, nose and throat advice
  • Advice and treatment of minor conditions

A travel clinic service will also be available which includes:

  • Assessment of an employee’s general health, vaccine history and travel itinerary
  • The completion and review of a detailed travel questionnaire
  • Overseas travel surveillance
  • Travel vaccines *
  • A travel health toolkit to include factsheets, preventative advice and a travel health passport
  • Advice on travel goods such as flight socks and travel first aid kits

Our Clinic also offers a range of services, including:

  • Health Assessments
  • Physiotherapy (coming soon)
  • Chiropractor
  • Sports Massage

NB: Services marked as * are subject to a charge. All other services are free of charge.


To book an appointment call 0300 123 0823


If you have any questions please call the wellbeing team on the above number or email us at